Benefits of Used Coffee Grounds

Most of us enjoy coffee on a daily basis, but even if you do not, you can still continue to read this article. If you do not make enough coffee at home, there are plenty of coffee shops where they are willing to give away used coffee grounds. We did some research and have listed some of the most common ways of reusing this waste. 

First tip for used coffee grounds should be more useful for the ladies. Dark circles surrounding the eyes are a delicate issue. Studies have shown that cosmetic products with antioxidants and caffeine prevent aging and reduce circles under your eyes. When coffee grounds are applied to the skin, caffeine starts stimulating blood circulation around the eyes which reduces the aforementioned dark circles. 

You can also reduce your cellulite by applying the coffee ground to your skin. Mixture of coffee grounds, water and coconut oil needs to be massaged for 10 minutes twice a week to reduce the affected area. This mixture has the same effect on blood circulation as with the dark circles under your eyes. You can also do a peel with used coffee grounds. They work as an exfoliator for dead cells from the skin. We suggest you mix it with coconut oil or honey. 

Most gardens and our house plants need to be fertilized to grow and survive. Coffee grounds contain useful minerals for plants such as nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium. Using coffee grounds is very easy, just sprinkle it around the plants in the garden or mix it with soil in the pot. Your garden and house plants will thank you for it. In the garden, coffee even attracts worms, which are great for your garden. There is no problem if you cannot use this fertilizer right away, you can compost coffee grounds for later use. Adding coffee grounds to yard debris and food scraps makes your compost much much richer. One study has shown that compost containing 40% of coffee grounds has way less gas emissions while being produced and the best quality level for the health of your plants. 

Caffeine and diterpenes can also be toxic for some earth inhabitants such as feas, insects and pests. Because of this you can repel these small creatures naturally. You can keep pests out of your garden by simply sprinkling it around your plants. Also to beat insects like mosquitoes you can set out bowls of grounds or sprinkle it around areas where you do not want them. It works the same way for fleas on your house pets. On the market there are plenty of harmful flea removing products, that usually cost a lot. Natural coffee grounds can be used for flea removal after shampooing your pet. Rub the coffee through the pet’s fur and rinse it off and let the pet dry as usual. However if your house pet has a huge flea problem you should visit a vet and discuss alternative options. Coffee grounds are less effective than any other anti flea products. Also be careful that dogs (or any other pets) do not consume coffee grounds because they can be toxic for them.

There are more ways of reusing coffee grounds, but the ones we have listed here have convinced us the most. Next time you are brewing your coffee, make sure that you don’t leave coffee grounds behind. It is estimated that an average of 11 grams of fresh ground coffee goes into each cup, around 381 000 tonnes of ground coffee are brewed every year, resulting in an estimated 500 000 tonnes of wet, waste coffee grounds.

If you do not have time to reuse it, you can collect it and give it to your friend, neighbour or one farmer. Be cool & reuse. Produce less waste. 

Stay safe & healthy everyone.


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