Exploring the World of Coffee Drinks

We are sure that you have been to a cafe and saw countless coffee drinks on the menu. We wrote down the most popular coffee drinks, so that you will have a better idea what you are ordering next time. Firstly you have to know that most coffee drinks are made of espresso, steamed milk and foam. Toppings are optional. You have to consider that the milk-coffee ratio differs from cafe to cafe.

Most famous coffee drink is the espresso. It originates from
Italy. Small amount of boiling water goes under pressure
through fine grained coffee beans. Espresso usually has a
foam with creamy texture on the top. It has the biggest
amount of caffeine in comparison to most coffee beverages.
You can order the espresso in 3 sizes; single, double or
triple. The sizes differ on the amount of coffee used.

We are continuing with coffee drinks where the espresso is used as a base. If espresso is mixed with frothed milk you can get a latte macchiato or caffe latte. If espresso is at the top, it is called latte macchiato. The word macchiato originated from Italian word macchiare, which means to stain. Understanding this word can help us visualize that latte macchiato is actually stained milk (with coffee). Now you probably know how the caffe latte is composed – espresso at the bottom and frothed milk at the top. Milk-coffee ratio differs from cafe to cafe.

The next mixture with espresso can be made with hot water. Again the difference is if the espresso is on the top or bottom. When espresso is on top you get long black, if it is the other way you get caffe americano. Both drinks are very similar, long black originates from New Zealand and Australia and it has more cream on the top. Tradition says that americano originates from World War II, because soldiers were adding water to their coffee to extend it. Even though the water dilutes the coffee the high level of caffeine remains the same.

Another coffee drink that comes from espresso is a macchiato. It has espresso on the bottom and steamed milk on the top. The difference from caffe latte is in the amount of milk. Caffe latte has so much milk that the bitterness of coffee is gone. The last one is a creamy coffee drink, cappuccino. Traditionally cappuccino should be small, maximum of 180 mL.  It has a double espresso and a similar amount of hot milk and milk foam at the top. In the USA cappuccino is often served as a larger drink – 360 mL.

This was just a quick overview of some coffee drinks. No doubt there will be more in the future. We hope that now you can make decisions easier and order a coffee properly and quickly in a coffee shop. Now you are familiar with seven different coffee beverages. Go and enjoy a cup of coffee with your newfound knowledge.

Illy, Andrea; Viani, Rinantonio. Espresso: The Science of Quality. Academic Press. ISBN 0-12-370371-9

2 thoughts on “Exploring the World of Coffee Drinks

  1. Love the graphics. I found the info of the origin of the Americano to be a gem. I would stay away from describing espresso, or any coffee for that matter, as bitter. The flavor characteristic known as bitter is the result of an over extracted espresso shot. Let’s say in the 30+ second range. Rich, intense etc. are options which can be used to describe flavor characteristics. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind comment! Glad you liked our content. We will have to take a deeper look into the espresso then and correct any mistakes that we may have made. Thank you for the feedback, keep it coming!


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